IAU Commission 22: Meteors, Meteorites & Interplanetary Dust
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Commission 22 is part of the Division III - Planetary System Sciences of the International Astronomical Union. Members of  Commission 22 are professional scientists studying bodies in the Solar System smaller than asteroids and comets, and their interactions with planets. The subjects of interest are meteoroids, meteoroid streams, interplanetary dust particles, zodiacal cloud, meteors, meteor trains, meteorites, tektites, etc.

The Commission is administrated by

President: Pavel Spurny (Czech Republic)
Vice-president: Jun-ichi Watanabe (Japan)
Secretary: Jiri Borovicka (Czech Republic)

and the Organizing Committee.

The following bodies are working under the Commission:

Working group for the collaboration with amateur astronomers
Task Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature
IAU Meteor Data Center

Commission 22 is co-organizing a Meteoroids conference once in three years.

Commision 22 publishes regularly a progress report on the science fields covered by the Commission.

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