Commission 22

of the International Astronomical Union

President and Organizing Committee

Minutes from the business meetings

List of past presidents
President: Pavel Spurny (Czech Republic), e-mail: e-mail 

Jun-ichi Watanabe (Japan), email:  e-mail
Secretary: Jiri Borovicka (Czech Republic), email: e-mail

Members of the Committee:
William J. Baggaley (New Zealand), email: e-mail
Peter G. Brown (Canada), email: e-mail
Guy J. Consolmagno (Vatican), email: e-mail
Peter Jenniskens (USA), email: e-mail
Asta K. Pellinen-Wannberg (Sweden), email: e-mail
Vladimir Porubcan (Slovakia), email: e-mail
Iwan P. Williams (UK), email: e-mail
Hajime Yano (Japan), email: e-mail

The Organizing Committee was elected at the IAU General Assembly in Prague on August 24, 2006. The effective period of the Committee is three years, until the next General Assembly in 2009.
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