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The history of the Meteoroid conference series started in 1992 in Smolenice Castle, Slovakia. The conference Meteoroids and their Parent Bodies was held there 25 years after the successful IAU Symposium no. 33 Physics and Dynamics of Meteors was held in Tatranská Lomnica in other part of Slovakia. The conference was dedicated to the famous Slovak astronomer Ĺubor Kresák. Sadly, the main organizer, Ján Štohl, deceased in 1993 and Ĺubor Kresák passed away at the beginning of 1994. The conference Meteoroids was then organized in the Slovak capital Bratislava in summer 1994 and was dedicated to the memories of Ján and Ľubor.

The next Meteoroids 1998 conference was held again in Slovakia in Tatranská Lomnica. The date and venue were chosen so that mutual participation at both the IAU Colloquium 173 Evolution and Source Regions of Asteroids and Comets and the annual conference of the International Meteor Organization. The conjunction with the IMO conference was successfully organized already in 1992 and then again in 2007.

After 2000, the tradition of organizing Meteoroids conferences rapidly overcome the borders of Slovakia and Europe. The conferences have been regularly organized every three years under the auspices of IAU Commission 22 (which was, nevertheless, involved from the very beginning). The Meteoroids 2001 conference was held above the polar circle in Kiruna, Sweden and was dedicated to Bertil A. Lindblad. Meteoroids 2004 crossed the Atlantic ocean for the first time and were organized in London, Ontario, Canada. Meteoroids 2007 witnessed the development of this field of astronomy in Spain and were held in Barcelona. Meteoroids 2010 are planned for Colorado, USA.

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