Přehled hlášení bolidů-2004-08-12
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Čas: 00:04 UT
Místo : between villages: Ujsoly and Soblówka, near Zywiec, Poland;
Okres: Poland, voj. Slaskie
Okolnosti pozorování:
I saw this fireball during observations of the Perseid
meteor shower.

Jasnost : -5,5
Trvání: 1,5
Začátek dráhy : Swan (Cygnus), altitude 55 degrees, azimuth 260 degrees (W)
Konec dráhy: Eagle (Aquila), altitude 25 degrees, azimuth 230 degrees (SW)
Popis bolidu:
This fireball showed up as a +1 mag. object coloured
yellow-orange. It flewed nearly 35 degrees, and suddenly
exploded to a maximum brightness (aroud -5,5 mag.). By
that time, the fireball wasn't yellow anymore; it became
electric white, similar to a lightning. The "head" of a
fireball seemed to fall to pieces, but I'm not sure
about what really happened, because the meteor became
invisible very quickly. The smoke line behind it,
disappeared very quickly, quicker than most of the
bright Perseids.
Zvukové jevy: I heard a strange, shot-like sound about a 10 seconds after the fireball disappeared.

Do databáze vloženo 2004-08-15/18:15
Je na ondrejovskem radiometru, cas 1:05:40 SEC, signal ~2400, trvani 0.05 sec. JB

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