Přehled hlášení bolidů-2012-07-11
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Čas: 19:54 UT
Místo : Pinerolo
Okres: Turin, Italie
Okolnosti pozorování:
Latitudine 44°53^5^^64 N
Longitudine 07°20^3^^12 E

Jasnost : more than very bright Jupiter
Trvání: 1-2
Začátek dráhy : 230-240 R, 20-30 D
Konec dráhy: near Sextans
Popis bolidu:
At 21:54 Roma summer time, we observed a high light
intensity flying down object/bolide from our location at
Pinerolo, Italy.
Its light spot, observed by nude eye,was nearly very
bright Jupiter one, and object was moving from the
to the South-West-West direction from our point of view
(but horizont was very close - the roof of the neiborhood
house 100m
far away). The trace on the sky measured some 10 cm,
and lasted about 1-2 second). The horizontal angle some
15-23 deg, about one thumb over the roof,
and also trace, toward West, one thumb (10cm). At the
end of the lighting travel, the object become brighter and
suddenly light off, may be due to disintegration.
Zvukové jevy: no - from our place the event was too far away

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