Přehled hlášení bolidů-2012-03-17
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Čas: 18:30 UT
Místo : Ondrejov Observatory, Ondrejov, Praha-vykhod
Okres: Czech Republic
Okolnosti pozorování:
Partly cloudy; clouds covered the sky on about 20 - 30
%, but the sky at high heights was clear at the west
direction where bolide was detected. Limiting star
magnitude was about 4m. At heights of about 10 - 15
degrees some clouds are possible.

Jasnost : About -9m. Much-much brighter than Venus, but weaker than the Moon at the age of 7 days. Comparable
Trvání: 2-3
Začátek dráhy : Height of about 40 degrees, pozitional angle of about 100 degrees (west)
Konec dráhy: Height of about 10 degrees, pozitional angle of about 115 degrees (west)
Popis bolidu:
We performed observations in Ondrejov Observatory. Among
four people just one observer saw the sky at the time of
bolide detection. When he said that he detected
something unusual, other three observers (including me)
detected the bolide.
I did not realized that it is a meteor when I saw it
because it was too bright even for Venus-like bolides.
When I detected meteor, its brightness was about -6m.
Then brightness grows, maximal brightness was at the
height of about 25 degrees. I did not detect
fragmentations of parent body and brightness flashes.
Angular size was about 5 arcmin (at least not star-like
object). Brightness decreases very quickly at the end of
trajectory. Color of the object was changed very quickly
(about 3-5 times per second), this object was green,
red, and blue. At the end and at the beginning of
trajectory the object was white. Weak trail was seen,
but trail was observed just during 1 - 2 s.
Zvukové jevy: No

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